Supercharge WordPress Content Workflows and Engagement with AI

Tap into leading cloud-based services like OpenAI, Microsoft Azure AI, and IBM Watson to augment your WordPress-powered websites. Publish content faster while improving SEO performance and increasing audience engagement. ClassifAI integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to lighten your workload and eliminate tedious tasks, giving you more time to create original content that matters.

An article on a tablet highlighted with tags generated by artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Article edit screen showing an excerpt that was automatically generated using OpenAI.

Generate Excerpts with OpenAI

ClassifAI utilizes ChatGPT APIs to automatically create excerpts for you — letting you focus on the big story.

Generating multiple images using OpenAI's DALL·E service within the WordPress media modal.

Generate Images with DALL·E

Create the perfect images with our DALL·E integration. A new “Generate Image” tab in the media library creates images with nothing more than a written prompt, saving you time and money from that less-than-ideal stock image search.

A closer look at the category tags for the example article that were generated by IBM Watson.

Automatic Content Tagging

Relieve the editorial burden of remembering to add useful data like tags and categories with automatic classification when publishing posts or uploading media. Tag archival content in bulk using WP-CLI and the WordPress Admin. Well-structured classification boosts SEO and enables search tools like Elasticsearch to better understand your content.

ClassifAI's Recommended Content Block suggests content – articles, videos, and products.

Recommended Content Block

Built on Microsoft's Azure Personalizer, ClassifAI's Recommended Content Block suggests content – articles, videos, and products – with reinforcement learning based on sitewide traffic data. For further curation, content recommendations can be limited to specific post types, categories, or meta-field values.

An edit screen where details of images are managed shows the autogenerated alt text over the image which it describes.

Automatic Image Descriptions

Tap into AI to simplify media management workflows. ClassifAI automatically creates descriptive “alt” text for your images, ensuring website accessibility and boosting SEO by helping search engines understand your media content — expanding your reach without the time-consuming effort.

Details of an original image of a child, a regular cropped image showing the childs midsection, and a smart cropped image showing the childs torso and head.

Smart Focal Point Cropping

ClassifAI uses smart cropping and resizing to identify an image's area of interest or focal point and determine how to best crop the image to maintain its integrity. ClassifAI brings focus to the most relevant parts of an image for each of the various image sizes and thumbnails generated in WordPress.

Details of an image upload showing image tags added by ClassifAI via Microsoft Azure Computer Vision.

Automatic Image Tagging

Images are automatically assigned tags using AI computer vision, making large media libraries more accessible. Editorial teams can efficiently filter, sort, and search extensive image libraries using simple tags like “car” or “computer.”

A screenshot of an embeded image and text block with OCR scanned text describing the image.

Automatic Image Text Recognition

Screenshots, PDF files, and other images are automatically scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Recognized text is saved in WordPress, enhancing media library searches by finding relevant imagery that would previously be unrecognizable without manual effort. When an image is added to your content, ClassifAI offers to add the recognized text, using accessibility-friendly “aria-describedby” markup.

A screenshot of code showing we'll be iterating and extending ClassifAI.

Designed to Be Extended

Built with the same extensible approach as WordPress itself, with hooks and filters to customize service providers and integration points. You can even create connections to other platforms.

Logos for services ClassifAI will integrate with in the future, such as Google Cloud AI, Amazon SageMaker AI, Einstein AI, TensorFlow, and other emerging technologies.

We're Just Getting Started

Our roadmap is filled with features that will augment WordPress without augmenting your workload, giving you more space to create. Stay in the know about future releases by joining our email list.

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